Mindcollision - Urban Playground - New Album 2015
Mindcollision - Urban Playground - New Album 2015

Urban Playground – 2015

Fundamental Risk 1:35One-4-One 2:03War Of WordsInsanityLoyal SocietyRise Of The Fallen 3:14Urban Playground 4:04Beautiful Abyss 3:23Peasants And Kings 3:49The Special Blend 3:41
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Mindcollision - Madhouse - 2012
Mindcollision - Madhouse - 2012

Madhouse – 2012

Madhouse 0:42Natures LawThe DifferenceWatch Out 5:00Please 6:12Drunken MargaritasMake My Day 6:21You're Always Right 5:19One Minute 4:19My Place 2:54Lite Life 4:06B.B.M.F 2:29Mindcollisions 4:36
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Mindcollision – that’s concentrated Rapcore power out of Switzerland! Mindcollision plays an energetic and djenty metal mix with rap in- fluence and they also easily reach for elements out of the DJ-ing- and sampling box. Solid riffs, rich basslines and tough rhymes characterise Mindcollision’s distinctive sound. Thus, vocalist Mitch makes the audience clearly feel his angry and socio-critical lyrics, sometimes rapping them but always as well topped with aggressive and impulsive shouts.

Thanks to the success of their album «Urban Playground» Mindcollision performed at the Impericon Festival 2016 in Oberhausen DE, where they played on the Mainstage together with Hatebreed, Emmure, Northlane and more. In June 2016 Mindcollision could replace the british metalcore band Architects at Greenfield Festival in Interlaken and performed in the evening on the Eiger Stage. Shortly afterwards, the band was on tour in Germany and Czech Republic. But Mindcollision is already active since 2002 and they were able to gather a lot of live experience on different stages in the Swiss music scene, whether as supporting act for Hacktivist and Skindred, various festivals, or at the Macbeth Joker Fest together with Breakdown of Sanity.


Mitch Schuler: Vocals / André Murer: Guitar / William Klay: Bass / Patrick Boog: Drums / DJ Freddy K: Turntables

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Mindcollision is with André Murer and 2 others.
Having a great time at the legendary SPADE♠️Party! #srhfamily

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Mindcollision shared Silent Circus's video.
Great new video of our friends in Silent Circus! Congrats guys! 🤘🏻
Silent Circus
🎬 Hier ist unser neues Video zu RISE AND FALL!
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CHECK OUT our next shows! December 9 at Met-Bar Lenzburg and December 30 at Sedel! Get your tickets for the Hardcore United Fest V now:
Mindcollision - Insanity (Official Music Video)
Mindcollision - Insanity (Official Music Video) Taken from their album «Urban Playground» Official Website: iTunes: https://itunes....


c/o Patrick Boog
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6343 Rotkreuz
+41 (0) 79 730 11 46
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André Murer
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